Planetfall: New Solar System Visions by Michael Benson (Abrams)

Taking a quasi-cinematic approach, Planetfall showcases the truly extraordinary images of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and Earth (among others) like we have never seen them before.

“All retrospectives, art and otherwise, should shock us awake the way this one does… Planetfall is a book of science through and through, but it also deepens our sense of the miracle and the mystery of the universe, of our eye-blink lives.”
The New York Times

“This is the way I like to tour the solar system. Find a chair. Sit. Turn some pages. Gaze. Wonder.”

“Beautiful interplanetary images.”

“Beautiful visions of what’s out there.”
The Huffington Post

“To encounter a Benson landscape is to be in awe of not only how he sees the universe, but also the ways in which he composes the never-ending celestial ballet.”

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